Companion Coffee Premium Coffee

by Jack Bodolosky on Aug 10, 2021

Premium Coffee

We all love to sip coffee from our mugs that is remarkably smooth and utterly delicious. Seeing as you’re here, you must be a coffee lover too

What is premium coffee and why it’s good for you?

Premium coffee is the most beloved and freshest coffee to excite your taste buds. It is something that is above and beyond, a coffee bean that has been handled with utmost care and perfection since from the beginning.  If you’re tired of the stale taste that is usually a regular instant coffee has, you can switch to premium coffee and turn your coffee experience to the next level which will turn your cup of coffee to deliciously yummy and healthy.

Coffee is super beneficial if it is high Quality (Premium)

When we talk about premium quality of coffee we refer to the specialty beans that is of high quality and masterly roasted. A beverage that is made from high quality beans brings positive energy and smile on your face when you sip it. Farmers who grow these beans put their heart and soul which can be seen on the farms by working with sheer love and dedication. Premium coffee is a single origin coffee that is grown on its specific geographical location, ideally on higher altitudes and microclimates.  Microclimates are ideal for the crops that require specific heat and humidity conditions. To preserve the potential of premium coffee is a very important aspect, therefore they’re handpicked selectively at the right time when fully ripe.

These ripe cherries are dried at the right pace which is a crucial process that requires proper techniques that do not spoil the characteristics of the bean and stored in optimum conditions afterwards. Premium coffee is all about the right roast and temperature given to the coffee bean which is enriched with flavor and benefits that can be attain through ideal brewing techniques.

It is not only the farmers, roasters or producers that make the coffee bean premium, it is their energy, enthusiasm and passion that they put in growing, harvesting, picking and packing to bring the premium and high quality beans that gives us a beautiful coffee experience that cannot be put into words. It’s a premium feeling that can only be meant to feel.

Kindness speaks volume. Your little act of kindness can bring a drastic change in someone’s life. Here you’ll buy a pack of coffee, there you’ll serve the humanity by giving them the fruit of their utmost efforts and hard work. No wonder, you’re doing two kind acts in doing one. Feeding your cravings and feeding a hungry farmer can make you feel over the moon.


Regular coffee comes from the Robusta bean that is mostly grown commercially as it serves a large number of yields and economically cheap. It’s not always the quantity that matters; it is the quality that differentiates premium coffee from the regular one. The better the quality, the healthier coffee you get. The regular coffee is sour, bitter and rough in taste, even the freshness is questionable. If you’re a coffee lover you can easily differentiate between regular and premium coffee by just smelling it or taking a sip even if your eyes are closed.

As coffee lovers we love the soothing aroma and sipping coffee as a morning jolt to wake us up, and in winters it is our warming drink. Premium coffee is rich in antioxidants and can prevent us from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression. Coffee also lowers the risk of liver cancer. It clears our arteries and removes toxins from our body. 3-4 cups in a day is considered moderate, excessive amount of intake even if the thing is beneficial for us losses its credentials if taken in excess.

The best thing about premium coffee is its hand roasting. It is roasted in small batches by hand to derive the most desired roast profiles and characteristics from the high quality bean then they’re packed in special ethical packaging. You can’t get premium coffees on local stores.

An amazing way to turn your morning cup of coffee into an act of kindness is to buy coffee from us and support our great cause. Yes, at companion coffee you can turn your sips and show love to the pups as we give 10% of net sales to warrior companion. It’s a non-profit organization that provides Pet insurance to service dogs, to disabled Veterans and first responders. So it’s just not caffeine that will give you a boost during the morning, being part of this great cause will definitely gives you inner joy and happiness. 

Indirectly you’re helping a community of farmers that produce premium quality beans and sending love to service dogs. Dog lovers know this that how much loyal and friendly creature dogs are. Dogs just want love and to be loved. How simple they are!

Companion coffee is proud to serve premium coffee that is delicious, versatile and serving a great cause. It’s a perfect excuse to slow down and spend a few more minutes with your perfect companion